What Nokia and other smartphone vendors need to consider in order to survive

You may have heard that Nokia is about to make a comeback in the mobile industry after a licensing agreement enabling HMD global to create next generation of mobile phones and tablets under the Nokia brand. But, it won’t be under Microsoft’s Windows platform, instead, they’ll jump with the Android bandwagon. Isn’t this great for the competition?

Other underdogs such as Sony Mobile, HTC, & Motorola is failing in the market due to their ineffective strategies, and mobile phone models. They need to retrace their steps to figure out what went wrong, evaluate and do the right thing in the future.


The rumored Nokia C1 running Android

But in order for this business to succeed, they need to excel in different consumer categories & strategies: marketing, hardware & design, software, price & carrier.


This is a vital process in the business industry. How you promote your products in order to reach more people across the nation or across the globe is very crucial. It’s a way to tell the world their product is worth the consumers’ money and the company’s revenue. The availability of the product in many locations is also an important factor. In the mobile industry, this is where tech giants Apple & Samsung excels, but others such as Sony Mobile (especially in the U.S.), Microsoft Lumia, & Motorola fails. Nokia should come up with a brilliant and effective way of persuading customers to purchase their future mobile phones to catch up and be one of the top-selling vendors across the globe.

Hardware & Design


The Sony Xperia Z5 family (via Pocketlint)

Done are the days of glossy plastic rectangular design from the Lumia generation. Nokia should carry out the design they first used in the Nokia N1 tablet. Plus with features most Android consumers want like a high-resolution screen, big battery with wireless & fast charging, USB-C, & expandable storage. Same goes to the other Android mobile device vendors. I consider fingerprint sensor as a bonus feature. This comes along with a long-lasting build that is shatterproof, dustproof, scratch resistant, (or even waterproof)and has a good grip and comfortable to the hands.


Since Nokia is ready to go with Android, they should consider two options: Stock Android & a custom software. A custom software with the much-needed features, persuading design & layout and without the unneeded bloatware apps. Same goes to Samsung, Sony & HTC. Make sure the user interface is user-friendly and not complicated for work, study & entertainment.


All smartphone vendors should consider a competitive price range for their devices apart from their builds & specifications. It should appeal to the big spenders down to the budget conscious population. Make sure the price is right and it matches the device’s category.  Consider the cost-effective materials needed to build the phone and the profitability of the company.


One thing that mobile vendors, especially the underdogs consider is to talk with the top mobile carriers so most people can avail them depending on the price, network & contract they want. Lack of carrier availability in the U.S. is one of the factors why Sony Mobile is almost nowhere to purchase in the country thus their flagships isn’t selling well.

Look at what went wrong Apple’s iPhone 6s. The sales especially the first day ones are much lower than the iPhone 6’s record last 2014. This is because of the minimal changes in the build & incremental hardware upgrades in terms of processing & imaging. Another example is Sony’s Xperia Z series which undergone the identical build and incremental hardware updates, especially in its camera as well as its imaging software in every six months of its flagship release that is proven to be not working for Sony’s  mobile phone division. Lastly, after seven generations of the Galaxy S series, Samsung finally found the way to boost its earnings with the S7 and S7 Edge that has a new all-glass build, better Android skin, wireless charging, bigger battery, and the gimmicky Edge-to-edge screen.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Series (from news.samsung.com)

All of the mobile vendors should consider these in order to make their business succeed and to make their products known to many people across the world. One or few mistakes matters and might impact the standing and earnings of their company leading or not.

Source: Nokia


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