Life is but a maze

Let’s face it, we don’t know what the future has in store for us. No one can accurately predict it a hundred percent but our next move can pave the way. We aren’t certain on what’s next and expect the unexpected. It could be fair or unfair to everybody, but no one can memorize it.

Our life is like a map filled with lots of sand that makes our path unclear. We don’t know where we’ll rise, fall, fail, succeed or worst, silenced. We must face every situation with dignity, courage and preparedness.  There is happiness, ease, sadness, anger, challenges, difficulties, and all of them may repeat in the whole course of a lifetime. Do not think that you’re the only one facing it, because everyone does. There should be no room to surrender or doubts, just trust. Trust in yourself, the ones backing you all throughout, and mostly, the God from above. You might not know that you’re facing hardships because there’s something good coming upon its conclusion. You just have to believe and think positively, amid the circumstances. All of us have that strength glued into ourselves that has been helping us succeed from difficult times. We must use it in order to obtain the good side that a bad situation might secretly have.

Every decision is vital because every choice leads us to either an easier or more complicated situation. Every choice is a pathway to another scene we haven’t seen or experienced before. When in doubt, just analyze what went wrong and strive in order to make it right. Life is but a complex of maze full of tests that needs answers and conclusions, but those answers will always be left unknown until we face and experience the path that makes it.


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