Apple & Sony’s R-DAY on September 7: An insight on the brand new hardware in store

In a  variety of tech reveals & unveils, September 7 this year has been an unusual day as two tech giants, in separate times, announced a vast array of updated products & technology.


Apple launches iPhone 7 with no jack but with AirPods, Apple Watch Series 2

Only less than a week after the Global Galaxy Note 7 recall over battery fears, the big Apple has sneaked a good date to launch their new line of mobile products and this include the much-anticipated iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus, with new features for Apple, but  already available in other Android handsets, such as the dual 12MP cameras for the 7 Plus (single 12MP wide angle camera only for the 7) that has been all around in some of these examples: HTC One M8, Huawei P9 etc. It enables you to shoot depth of field photos through its wide angle and telephoto lens that work together as one. One thing is distinctive: the removal of the legendary 3.5mm headphone jack that signaled an online outrage. It was “courage” to try something new that lead them into evicting the jack out of their new handsets. In addition to that, a wide-color 4.7in or 5.5in Retina HD display and upgraded wide-color 12MP camera algorithm with Quad-LED true tone flash, 7MP FaceTime HD camera, quad-core A10 Fusion chip that is said to be the fastest for an iPhone; 2GB RAM for the 7, 3GB RAM for the 7 Plus, longer battery life, stereo speakers which are long overdue, cleaner back through the newly-designed antennas located above and below the device. It also has a redesigned Home button with Taptic Engine to simulate physical presses and it is a phone edition of Force Touch available in the trackpads of the Macs. A new shade of black is in: the ordinary Black and the Jet Black variant which badly needs a hard case & it still comes with Gold, Rose Gold & Silver, but Space Grey is out. Finally they’ve decided to drop 16GB, and the base model is now at 32GB internal storage, with 128GB and 256GB choices respectively. The most important of all, iOS 10.

Also, EarPods out, AirPods in. The newest Bluetooth in-ear from Apple knows when you’re listening or not. It has a W1 chip for better connectivity and improved sound, with battery management. The design says it all. It’s untangled, but I’m skeptical on how long it could hold into your ears. But don’t worry wired in or over-ear users, they’ve also introduced some in-ears from Jabra that directly plugs to the lightning port, while for others who still prefer the aux, Apple also introduced the lightning to 3.5mm cable that is also included when you purchase your brand new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. If you need to charge and listen at the same time, you’ll need to spend for a dual lightning splitter by Belkin, known as the Lightning Audio + Charge costing $39.95. If you don’t want to, you can settle for a Bluetooth headset for more freedom in listening and charging. These sure are good, but not for all. You’ll need an extra cash for additional or badly needed accessories including the earlier abovementioned ones.

The Watch Series 2 now has a dual-core chip, GPS, a display with a thousand nits, the brightest for an Apple device. You can also choose between the Sport, Nike+ and the Edition variant now with Ceramic White option. The first Watch will now be known as the Series 1 and it is now sold at a cheaper price. Quite a good incremental upgrade for the Watch series.

Sony launches a slimmer PlayStation Slim, PlayStation 4 Pro.screen-shot-1

It will be a number one source for high-resolution gaming, as said on the PlayStation Meeting. The PlayStation 4 Pro now has 4K streaming with support for faster frame rates, vivid, sharper display & graphics, upscaling for video  content and HDR.  The internals include the  AMD Jaguar 8-core CPU. It’s also compatible in every PS4 game available and online gaming with PS4 players through PlayStation Plus. And did I mention? 1TB storage on-board. Sony also introduced the slimmer version of the PlayStation 4 that comes cheaper than the Pro. With the competition with the still hot Xbox One S, let’s see how this will play out in the coming months.

There you have it, the big September 7 reveals by tech giants Apple & Sony. Every Apple & Sony fanboys will surely love or hate it. But one thing’s for sure, both companies will have a sizeable profit after these reveals.

Photos courtesy of CultofMac, CNET, Hypebeast

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