Why students should save for a smartphone

Nowadays, smartphones can ultimately help students in their daily needs that drives them academically and socially.

A wide variety of local & international brands have been luring the Filipino audience due to its competitively low, cost-effective price points, people with an excessively tight budget can purchase.

Smartphones nowadays are one of the basic necessities for students when it comes to surfing the internet for basic research; seeking for the definition on the dictionary, viewing or making documents in different formats from e-books; docs to PDF for reviewing notes or creating handouts; list your home works or tasks, capturing important images or taking a selfie with your best friends; listening to music, and even playing games for free times. You can choose from a vast array of free apps to download. May it be for productivity, entertainment, health, games, and many more, choose what can help and entertain you. As long as your internal and external storage can handle these and the data you’re expected to store. There are a lot of important education and entertainment-related things to do using one device.

There are entry-level smartphones which costs less than Php 10k with some decent specs which will depend on what type of user are you, even others at a less than the Php 5k price point can deliver your needs without hurting your wallet. Having a flagship or high spec’d smartphone as a student is not yet advisable, but if you have the cash, why not? As long as you have a track record of having no lost phones or gadgets and much better if you’re good at securing your things when going out. Also, always remember to keep that warranty card and receipt for inevitable events that may happen on your handheld device.

The goal here is to aim for a usable, dependable, and a speedy performance from a phone without breaking the bank. Don’t aim for high-end specs yet unless you have that bulk money on your pocket. Don’t aim for the brand name, aim for the capability of the device. Mid-range phones equipped with a decent camera, GPU, chipset, battery, memory, & storage are more than enough for us. Make sure to consider the satisfying performance, rendering, clear snapshots, space, and a smooth, seamless multi-tasking that you usually do as a student in or outside the campus. 

Photo from: lessonplanpage.com


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