Today, I Write About Charlotte

Originally posted on Bann, Books, and Boredom:
My life has, so far, been multiple shades of black and grey and my sights varied in color but not the tone of their hues. The skies, as I saw them, were blue but never bright enough to lift my spirits. Doves were only birds and I saw…

Life is but a maze

Let’s face it, we don’t know what the future has in store for us. No one can accurately predict it a hundred percent but our next move can pave the way. We aren’t certain on what’s next and expect the unexpected. It could be fair or unfair to everybody, but no one can memorize it….

Better PH Internet coming? San Miguel agrees to sell network assets to Globe, PLDT

Amid the support for faster internet in the Philippines, as mandated by incoming President Duterte, with Globe & PLDT’s plans to improve the state of the Philippine internet connection, another significant development in the telecom war happened this morning: San Miguel Corporation (SMC) sold their telecommunications assets to the telecom industry leaders Globe Telecom &…